UNESCO: Sharjah

New recognition for the years of work that Sharjah’s royal family and civic leadership have dedicated to literacy and book culture: Sharjah follows Athens 2018 as “World Book Capital.” By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson Originally published at PublishingPerspectives.com Project Slogan: ‘Read—You Are in Sharjah’ The UAE’s Sharjah has been named World Book Capital for the… Read More

The winter of our discontent with the ISBN

ISBN: Not much more traction than the first snowfall on London I’m just glad Amazon & B&N do reveal overall sales ranks so we can measure their mix of sales that way. Other retailers, including Apple, do not, limiting us to only estimating the very top books in a limited number of categories on those… Read More

'Print books are more like decorations': A #FutureChat recap

Could ebooks and print be friends instead of enemies? Having heralded The noise and fury— where he wrote, “Booksellers are back! The print book is on the rise! The ebook is dead!” — The Bookseller editor Philip Jones then returned Friday with classic irony in Surprise, surprise: Defying what we sometimes read in the wider… Read More

Kickstarter issues its annual greeting card

‘Three years ago Rebecca’s project got a pledge from Scott. This year they got married.’ That’s from Kickstarter’s look-back in handkerchieves at 2014. My associate at The Bookseller Charlotte Eyre has ably written up the attractive annual report that Kickstarter creates to regale us with how well things have gone. Her story, Kickstarter publishing projects raised… Read More

'Inanimate Alice' newly animated: Kate Pullinger's digital novel is still young

May we all age at the rate Kate Pullinger’s Alice does When last we saw Alice — of Pullinger’s transmedial tale Inanimate Alice — she was 14. That was six years ago. Now, she has reappeared. But she’s not 20. She’s 16, as stated in the opening of Episode Five. This enviably slow maturation, it… Read More

The Bookseller's Books of 2014: 66 by Women, 54 by Men

‘What are these lists good for?’ And how 2014 of The Bookseller staff to have asked itself this. It has been a very “wait a minute, what are we doing?” kind of year in publishing. And not always a lot of answers at the ready. Or maybe too many answers at the ready, no way… Read More

Can #EthicalAuthor break through the scepticism?

A funny thing happens when you start talking about ethical behaviour in one setting or another: suddenly everybody was there first. I don’t think this is specific to the authorial community or the wider publishing community: I think we’d find that in almost any industry, a move toward guidelines for ethical business conduct would find… Read More

Josh Malerman’s Tricks Are Treats: ‘Ghastle And Yule’

‘We Were…Making a Horror Movie’ No, there’s no film called Curate Your Own Death (1960). Yet. But there is one called Choose Your Own Death: The Babysitter(2009). And no, there’s no Bicameral Island (1961). Yet. But there are Shutter Island (2010), Gilligan’s Island (1964) and more Islands —Dinosaur (2014), Spike (2012), Fantasy (1977), Harper’s (2009),… Read More