Josh Malerman’s Tricks Are Treats: ‘Ghastle And Yule’

‘We Were…Making a Horror Movie’ No, there’s no film called Curate Your Own Death (1960). Yet. But there is one called Choose Your Own Death: The Babysitter(2009). And no, there’s no Bicameral Island (1961). Yet. But there are Shutter Island (2010), Gilligan’s Island (1964) and more Islands —Dinosaur (2014), Spike (2012), Fantasy (1977), Harper’s (2009),… Read More

Writing on the Ether |

We like that word now, don’t we? Disruptive. Oh, yes, we do. Not for nothing did Gayle Feldman, covering the American Association of Publishers for TheBookseller quote one publishing executive saying, “things are going to get ugly” as the US Department of Justice circles with warnings of a collusion suit. Read More