Indie Authors And ‘The Quality Question': It’s Called Rigor

When A Wet Fish Slaps You Even as self-publishing authors may weary of hearing about the problems of much independently produced content — typos and other editorial woes — a new showcase means yet another reason to shoot for precision and excellence to meet the marketplace’s standards. Bill Clinton used to talk about being able… Read More

Pattern Recognition and Writerly Advice | Porter Anderson

How many of us really know how to use all this writerly advice? Particularly when much of it is written by writers for other writers, how much of it is a case of the sight-impaired leading the hard-of-hearing? Does anyone ever worry (you may remember that I like this analogy) that all these how-to books for writers by other writers start to come across like John Updike’s ladies of the church who fund-raise by selling cupcakes to each other? Read More

Publishing Gatekeepers: Pretty Sure They Don't Wear Black Hats

In Writing on the Ether–read each Thursday at–Porter Anderson looks at outworn ideas of publishing’s black hat “villains,” through the decline and practices of bookstores. Read More

How London Beat BEA's Pants Off

Authors at BEA seem welcome, but only in their place. They’re not expected to be doing business. BEA started in the era of publisher-controlled authors. Ether for Authors from Publishing Perspectives – with Porter Anderson. Read More

Test It: Are Your Books' Covers Sexist?

  By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson From May 9, 2013 Part of my series of columns on pub­lish­ing, Writ­ing on the Ether, appear­ing Thursdays at the invi­ta­tion of Jane Fried­man at Shirt­less Men Kiss­ing Beau­ti­ful Women. How long have I been going on about these romance cov­ers that choke the ebook lists? The trend… Read More

BEA Cup­cakes: 'Women's Work' About Books?

Writing on the Ether provides selected news and perspectives on publishing. It is written by journalist and critic Porter Anderson for Jane Friedman and it appears at each Thursday. Sponsorship opportunities are available and offer generous promotion. Ether for Authors—another gas—runs on Mondays at Ed Nawotka’s and Frankfurt Book Fair’s Publishing Perspectives. London on the Ether, a new UK-related edition of the column, has recently had its debut at Read More