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One of my favorite companies is TEP Wireless, which I use for wi-fi in most of the countries to which I travel on business. I recommend it to you for dependable connectivity when traveling domestically or offshore. The company will ship a portable unit to your home before you travel or to your hotel for your arrival. The service works in more than 100 countries and territories.

At times on this site and in social media, I mention or recommend books — or excerpt books by permission — and provide a link to Amazon. These are affiliate links, and I am an Amazon Associates affiliate. So are others whose writings may appear from time to time at this website. This means we might be paid a commission if you buy what we recommend from Amazon. (This does not increase the price you pay.) We are required by law to tell you this. I also hope you agree this is an excellent and non-intrusive method to help cover the costs for hosting this site and providing useful information and reporting. If you’re especially pleased with content you find here, then you can proactively click here to shop at Amazon, and let Amazon pay me a commission on your purchases. Again, this is at no cost to you, and is an easy way to help support the work that goes into this site.

Other affiliations I have include Uber and I invite you to sign up using my link here to get  your first ride free, worth up to $20 in value. Additionally, you can simply sign up normally and use my code PORTER to get your introductory special.

I also work with multiple conferences and trade shows in several parts of the world, providing professional promotional, programming, and presentational consultancy services, as outlined on my Services page.

I’d particularly like to call your attention to the excellent work of the team in producing How Brand’s HOW Live conference for the design world,

You may see me offer discount registration codes to that conference and other events, here on my site and in social media messages. Such codes (“PORTER,” “AFFILIATEPA,” “PS14PA30,” “PORTER14,” “PORTERDBW15,” “PA2015,” “PORTER15,” “PorterKids1,” “PorterKids2,” and others) are revenue-sharing codes, meaning that for each registration using such a discount code, the conference in question pays me a small amount as a kind of referral reward. I may use these codes here at and also abroad on the web in such social media locations as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.


Writer Unboxed, at which I appear as a regular contributor, has recently instituted a “Buy Him Glass of Campari” donation in support of its contributors’ efforts. That, of course, is a free-will donation. You can read about this in Writer Unboxed editor-in-chief Therese Walsh’s Monetizing Posts at Writer Unboxed for Regular Contributors: How and Why.

If you have any questions about affiliate links on this site or in social media, please don’t hesitiate to contact me.

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  1. Porter, you are now officially one of my writing heroes! I saw the page title and thought, huh? What’s this? Maybe he’s going to disclose that he’s really an alien hiding out as a journalist?

    This was better! 🙂

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