“Amazon Will Be Disrupted One Day”

What may have been the best lesson from the 60 Minutes interview getting so much traction this week is evident, finally, in Jason Del Rey’s piece at AllThingsD. And in bloggy-newsy tradition, it’s all in the piece’s long headline: Afraid Amazon Will Crush Your Small Business? “Complaining Is Not a Strategy,” Says CEO Jeff Bezos. Read More

Can We Stop Short of Overstatement?

Few of even the most effective self-publishing authors will say they want to see traditional publishers go down the proverbial drain. And it’s always good in these times of sensitive, difficult, exhausting change and unease to be careful how we interpret comments. Read More

Is There an “Architecture of Collaboration” for Startups?

It’s hard to think that “you get around that” (problem of communication between publishers and startups) without developing an “architecture of collaboration,” an understood way of working together that allows for risk-and-regret absorption, for the distinctions of lingo, for decision-authority black holes, and for a better shared understanding of what each party counts valuable and needs to protect to move forward together. Read More

More Gatekeeping? Sisyphus Could Relate

What happens when self-pubishers, themselves, begin creating awards and accolades for each other’s (self-published) work? Have self-publishing authors at that point not begun to reflect some patterns of quality-delineation, selectivity…gatekeeping? Read More

Can Co-Publishing Make 'You Crime' Pay?

This is a story about a clever way of bringing established, big-selling authors together with emerging writers, and about choosing those emerging writers not only for their literary chops but also for just how digitally savvy they might be in the marketing department. Read More

Big Ideas from Books in Browsers IV: An "Architecture of Collaboration"

“New forms of writing and reading, new tools for creating and sharing and the growing dialogue between creators and consumers—most readily evident in fan fiction, but it won’t stop there—are all pushing us to develop an architecture of collaboration,” said publishing consultant Brian O’Leary. Read More

In Frankfurt: Enthrill Reimagines "The Original Discovery Engine" for Books

Enthrill Distribution’s biggest news at Frankfurt Book Fair was that its latest retail agreement is with Walmart Canada. Enthrill gift cards will be sold in Walmart locations across the country, allowing customers to walk in, buy a gift card for an ebook, and present it as a gift for the recipient to download to any e-reading device. Read More

At Frankfurt: Time for Publishing to Call a Truce?

The battle is not between self- and traditional publishers. It’s between books and the rest of the entertainment array, most of it digitally powered long before books were. It may be time we all got back on one team and started facing outward—at the real competition. Read More