Is There an “Architecture of Collaboration” for Startups?

Image: iStockphoto - Alien Force
Image: iStockphoto – Alien Force

By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson

Ether for Authors: Is There an “Architecture of Collaboration” for Startups?

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In almost every meeting I’ve ever pitched in, the person across the table lights up when we talk about the possibility of putting every book within walking distance of every home.

But after I’ve left and the glow has worn off, they have to actually get a decision through their organization…And the embers that remain in my poor contact have no chance against the anxiety of having to get the decision past colleagues, or the general covering of asses.

Arthur Attwell

This is Arthur Attwell, founding CEO of one of the most heavily acclaimed publishing startups yet,Paperight.

In Tough truths about selling to publishers, a talk he gave at Capetown’s Footnote Summit earlier this month, Attwell describes his company’s widely acclaimed service this way:

On, we provide a library of books that copy shops can print out for customers on demand, and we work with publishers to license their content to our member copy shops. Some of you are already working with us.

Copy shops pay publishers a small fee for each copy. In the last eighteen months, we’ve added 200 print-on-demand bookstores to South African towns and villages, listing almost 2000 different books from over 100 publishers.

This is the work that has earned Attwell’s Paperight wins in “ignite”-style startup showcases from the now-discontinued Tools of Change in New York to London Book Fair’s Digital Minds Conference.

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