50% Royalties On Ebooks, 5-Year Licenses: New Publisher Canelo

  It’s the Canelic Arrival of the new digital press created by three familiar players in the UK market, publishing director Michael Bhaskar, m.d. Iain Millar, and technology director Nick Barreto. The fledgling company’s first three titles release today, the work of authors John Gapper, Chris Lloyd, and Martin Davies. Writing about the new effort in January, my… Read More

When envious eyes aren't smiling: #FutureChat recap

‘Beware blanket dismissal.’ All endeavors need innovators in this changing environment. #BabyBathwater Ron Martinez’ cautionary comments arrived on the #FutureChat hashtag after our weekly live session had closed on Friday. But his point is a good one. To put together his tweets in sequence; Empathize a moment. Innovators are Promethean: may bring a benefit, but… Read More

Beneath the Ink: Under the Radar

‘A wild hair’ “My first job was as a Walt Disney Imagineer,” Sherisse Hawkins says, “and that was about designing theme parks and rollercoasters.” And before she struck out on her own, her 25 years in corporate positions included being vice-president of subscriber equipment and navigation with Time Warner Cable. While there, she was named Woman… Read More

Elsevier offers DRM-free ebook-bundling through BitLit

Elsevier has become the latest publisher to partner with Vancouver start-up BitLit to offer discounted ebook editions of a part of its book catalog. “And one of the exciting things is that Elsevier is going DRM-free on the bundling,” BitLit co-founder Peter Hudson (pictured) tells The Bookseller. “Not even watermarking. So Elsevier becomes one of the big three… Read More

#PorterMeets Alastair Nash: 'Barriers falling'

Alastair Nash is among featured speakers who will bring especially astute messages to publishing from other, nearby sectors on Friday (14th November) in Europe’s busiest publishing conference, The FutureBook , at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster. Bookings will close Tuesday the 11th, so hurry to secure your seat.  We are fond of… Read More

Marcello Vena: All Brain's chief future officer

  From Big Ideas to a big move Innovation isn’t the holy grail of the moment only for publishing. It can, in fact, mean a leap of faith away from the day-to-day heart of the business for some of our industry’s players. One of the  most familiar faces in TheFutureBook.net community, Marcello Vena, has just… Read More

Is There an “Architecture of Collaboration” for Startups?

It’s hard to think that “you get around that” (problem of communication between publishers and startups) without developing an “architecture of collaboration,” an understood way of working together that allows for risk-and-regret absorption, for the distinctions of lingo, for decision-authority black holes, and for a better shared understanding of what each party counts valuable and needs to protect to move forward together. Read More