Monday: Berlin’s ‘Senior’ Publishers’ Forum Convenes In A Digitally Youthful Industry

‘The Most Senior In Continental Europe’ There are, it turns out, myriad ways to structure and calibrate the discussions and debates and conversations that go into a good publishing conference. Rüdiger Wischenbart This year, one of the most interesting contextualizations awaits us in Berlin. There, international publishing specialist and consultant Rüdiger Wischenbart is at the helm… Read More

"Visionaries on the Decks": Storytelling

“To Declare Your Story’s Intent” There are things important to you. You hurt. You know stuff. I don’t. You see things that I cannot…You have everything you need, including the courage to declare your story’s intent. — Donald Maass, Writing 21st Century Fiction Not for nothing am I looking forward to the November 3-7 Writer… Read More

3 Voices In The Age Of Amazon: Tech It To The Next Level

Is there a way to hack through the jungle of snarls and get a higher view on publishing’s struggle with and around Amazon? “Those who think the ground beneath the book business is not moving violently, look away now,” writes The Bookseller’sPhilip Jones in his editorial lead for Friday. And yeah, at ground level? Maintain a good… Read More

The Hachette-Perseus-Ingram pas de trois: “Too early to say”

No sooner had The Bookseller’s Philip Jones written “It is no longer enough to have a conversation just about Amazon” on Tuesday, than the afternoon news from the US proved his point about the industry’s changing context. Late in the day in New York, Michael Cader at Publishers Lunch posted his extensively prepared article: Perseus Imprints to be Sold to Hachette Book… Read More

Buggy Whipped Into Collaboration

BERLIN — “The market for reading may be expanding significantly,” Brian O’Leary told the plenary session at Klopotek’s Publishers’ Forum, “but the gains are seen almost entirely outside the prevailing supply chain. Fixed on the creation, management and sale of physical and digital objects, publishers view forms of writing and reading as potential threats to… Read More

The Ether Is Moving to Thought Catalog

Ich bin ein millennial. I’m just not telling them which millennium. Launched in February 2010,, a property of Thought.Is, is known, not without controversy, as a buslting, cool hub of self-expression for smart writers whose perspective, talent, and purview skew quite young. By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson Writing on the Ether: The Ether Is Moving to Read the… Read More

Big Ideas from Books in Browsers IV: An "Architecture of Collaboration"

“New forms of writing and reading, new tools for creating and sharing and the growing dialogue between creators and consumers—most readily evident in fan fiction, but it won’t stop there—are all pushing us to develop an architecture of collaboration,” said publishing consultant Brian O’Leary. Read More

Writing on the Ether |

“There is absolutely no correlation among advances paid or sales or price or buzz or anything and talent. If there were, Paris Hilton would not have received a dime from a publisher.” Industry specialist Kassia Krozser looks at the crisis in quality and pricing amid the digital upheaval in publishing today. This and a range of other issues from publishing. Read More

Writing on the Ether |

Can real sense ever be made of the digital disruption of publishing — mothership retailers hovering in cyberspace over flocks of woolgathering independents in pastures below — if the core industry’s relationship with writers isn’t addressed? During discussions of the new incident between Amazon and the Independent Publishers Group (more on that below), I’ve been reminded by our colleague, Andrew Rhomberg in London, of the phrase “creative destruction” from economic theory. Read More