The Author and His Translator: Working Together Is All the ‘Rage’

‘Translators are wonderful readers,’ says Poland’s top-selling author, Zygmunt Miłoszewski, whose ‘Rage’ is out in English from AmazonCrossing. Read More

Night Of The Social Media

“Your ignorance is stunning!”…That line got one of my Twitter followers muted recently. And she has stayed muted. And she will stay muted. I only regret that I have but one chance to mute her. Despite this follower’s flattery — I’d never speak of my own ignorance in such vaunted terms — she is one author I will… Read More

At London Book Fair: Blindsided By “Bird Box”

In Josh Malerman’s debut, Bird Box, the role of Malorie brings to new literature a distinctively male recognition of strong women. Like Hugh Howey’s Vic in Sand and Jules in Wool and Montana in Peace in Amber, Malerman writes a rational intelligence that women may too easily take for granted in themselves and each other. Read More

Can Co-Publishing Make 'You Crime' Pay?

This is a story about a clever way of bringing established, big-selling authors together with emerging writers, and about choosing those emerging writers not only for their literary chops but also for just how digitally savvy they might be in the marketing department. Read More