Can Co-Publishing Make 'You Crime' Pay?

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By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson

Ether for Authors: Can Co-Publishing Make ‘You Crime’ Pay?

[dropcap style=”flat” size=”5″]T[/dropcap]he future cannot be predicted but it can be invented.”

That’s Marcello Vena, who directs RCS Libri’s digital effort, describing to me what he terms “co-publishing,” a hybrid’s hybrid that’s getting a lot of attention in the run-up to The FutureBook Conference in London.

Marcello Vena
Marcello Vena

“You Crime has by far exceeded our expectations,” he said when I reached out to him this weekend. “Four ebooks out of four in our top 50—out of 4,000+ ebooks—is an incredible result. And in their category they have been competing head-to-head, during the summer, with the global blockbusters of 2013.”

This is a story about a clever way of bringing established, big-selling authors together with emerging writers, and about choosing those emerging writers not only for their literary chops but also for just how digitally savvy they might be in the marketing department.

Rizzoli Lab logoAs Vena has written in a FutureBook blog post, Co-Publishing: The Third Way between Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing?:

Authors are expected to self-promote and self-sell their own books on the usual e-retail channels, as if they were self-publishing.

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