Australian-Canadian Funding Goes to Digital Storytelling Projects

Using “new technologies to tell culturally relevant stories,” digital media co-productions pull in more than $500,000 in Canadian and Australian funding. Read More

'Inanimate Alice' newly animated: Kate Pullinger's digital novel is still young

May we all age at the rate Kate Pullinger’s Alice does When last we saw Alice — of Pullinger’s transmedial tale Inanimate Alice — she was 14. That was six years ago. Now, she has reappeared. But she’s not 20. She’s 16, as stated in the opening of Episode Five. This enviably slow maturation, it… Read More

Writing Letters To The Past: London's War Memorial Of Words

I will never go to war, you know.  I will never have to.  The first time I go to France will be a trip with my school. That’s a line from the author Lee Child. It’s not from one of his Jack Reacher books, but from a letter — a letter to a man who was very… Read More

Gearing up for #FutureBookHack

For all the experience Blackwell’s Matthew Cashmore brings to his production of The Bookseller’s FutureBook Hack on Saturday and Sunday, neither he nor anyone else knows exactly what creative benefits to expect from the weekend. Surprise is a key element of these events. Organizers try not to restrict expectations because, as Rick Joyce of Perseus Books Group puts… Read More

Bath Spa Uni's MIX Mak­ing Day: Hybrid Storytelling

Author Kate Pullinger on Bath Spa University’s conference on transmedia in storytelling – plus Craig Mod creates a new initiative to “narrative-map the world.” He calls it Hi. Read More