#FutureChat recap: Your 2015 Digital Publishing Predictions

We asked, and we received. We started with the excellent, provocative predictions of a group of invited guests. We’d asked them to give us around 50 words each on what they see ahead in digital publishing. Among some of the strongest commentary we had was Philip Jones’ estimation of the reader’s place in the digital dynamic… Read More

Amazon: ‘The World’s Most Complicated Iceberg’

Depth Charge I think the difficult piece with Amazon is that everyone underestimates what they’ve built. Craig Mod does not underestimate it: If Gutenberg’s printing press was the equivalent of Amazon, you would look at the printing press and you’d go, “Oh, I can probably replicate that, it’s just a couple of dowels and a press… Read More

Hi Opens to the Public: Writing for Moderns

Craig Mod’s frequently gorgeous and always interesting online initiative called Hi is rolling out to the public. Mod’s discussion of his idea and intent has sometimes used the phrase “narrative mapping,” something that has taken on actionable reality in the intervening months. The idea is that people all over the world offer imagery and text from someplace on Earth. Read More

Bath Spa Uni's MIX Mak­ing Day: Hybrid Storytelling

Author Kate Pullinger on Bath Spa University’s conference on transmedia in storytelling – plus Craig Mod creates a new initiative to “narrative-map the world.” He calls it Hi. Read More