Publishing and Politics: ‘Toxic Negotiations,’ ‘Trumpian Dystopia’

International publishing this season lies downwind of hot blasts of political potentials that many feel could be damaging to various countries’ book industries and readership. Welcome to a Summer of Insecurity. Read More

Amazon: ‘The World’s Most Complicated Iceberg’

Depth Charge I think the difficult piece with Amazon is that everyone underestimates what they’ve built. Craig Mod does not underestimate it: If Gutenberg’s printing press was the equivalent of Amazon, you would look at the printing press and you’d go, “Oh, I can probably replicate that, it’s just a couple of dowels and a press… Read More

Japan’s Discover 21: In Frankfurt to Go Farther

Discover 21’s Yumiko Hoshiba says that the import-export gap isn’t due only to a need for translation but also, by tradition, to the fact that the Japanese industry has been thought to have “all the readers it needed.” Read More