Australian-Canadian Funding Goes to Digital Storytelling Projects

Using “new technologies to tell culturally relevant stories,” digital media co-productions pull in more than $500,000 in Canadian and Australian funding. Read More

Bath Spa University's MIX 03: Mixing it up for digital writing

‘An unusual event’: a space to show work, a chance to discuss work Recently at Bath Spa University’s Newton Park Campus, delegates to the third annual MIX festival have heard from a host of speakers including: Lucy English on the Book of Hours Sophy Smith on “Pervasive Theatre: New Online Environments for Performance Narratives” (which might… Read More

'Inanimate Alice' newly animated: Kate Pullinger's digital novel is still young

May we all age at the rate Kate Pullinger’s Alice does When last we saw Alice — of Pullinger’s transmedial tale Inanimate Alice — she was 14. That was six years ago. Now, she has reappeared. But she’s not 20. She’s 16, as stated in the opening of Episode Five. This enviably slow maturation, it… Read More

Boys And Their Books: Simon Scarrow's Cato & Macro

‘It’s a way of getting them into reading, hopefully.’ And you thought it would be tough when Cato and Macro took on “the tribes of Britannia.” That’s what’s going on in Brothers in Blood, the 13th in the Eagle Series of historical and military fiction, just out last month from Headline. In it, the Roman prefect… Read More

Bath Spa Uni's MIX Mak­ing Day: Hybrid Storytelling

Author Kate Pullinger on Bath Spa University’s conference on transmedia in storytelling – plus Craig Mod creates a new initiative to “narrative-map the world.” He calls it Hi. Read More

Writing on the Ether |

ToC: Techno-calities: Locution, locution, locution. In its sixth year, the Tools of Change Conference — just closed in New York City — easily held its own as one of publishing’s two great confabs of a stressful year, the other being last month’s Digital Book World Conference + Expo. And when it comes to locution, ye shall know them by how they say “data.” Read More

Writing on the Ether |

If the Digital Book World Conference helped prepare our souls for the coming travail, the battle now is joined by reinforcements, in the form of the annual Tools of Change Conference (#TOCcon). In ToC we trust. Read More

Writing on the Ether |

Even in the Battle for the Showroom, odd alliances may already be springing up. Barnes and Noble has issued a powerful condemnation of Amazon, claiming the Internet retailer has “undermined the industry as a whole and prevented millions of customers from having access to content…as they continue to pull content off the market for their own self interest.” But in an unexpected turn, authors may be in the first wave B&N has to fight. Read More

Writing on the Ether |

There’s something about the stance of writers in the publishing community right now that isn’t quite what it should be. I don’t have to get too specific in describing this. It’s never more evident than at this time of year when two of our biggest conferences are choreographed to pass in the night. Read More

Writing on the Ether |

Your hot seat awaits at the Writer’s Digest Conference and Digital Book World Conference in New York. Not since Margaret Mitchell fanned those other flames has the industry gathered in so superheated a salon of controversies for the kickoff of its annual ConfabWorld season. Can’t be there? No problem. Keep these hashtags handy: #wdc12 and #dbw12. We’ll be sure some smoke gets in your eyes. Read More