‘Murder, She Read!’ Taking A Deep Dive Into Mystery With Nielsen

Do We Have A Clue What’s Happening In Mystery/Crime Reading? Their safe and secure lives rocked by a shocking revelation! Their routines turned upside down! Their world wracked by fear of the unknown now stalking them all! No, not the characters in a Dorothy Sayers mystery. I’m talking about the publishers. As I wrote in… Read More

Mystery Of The “Hybrid”: Just A Phase For Authors?

If anything can make the publishing establishment listen up, it might well be this: a highly successful, dependable, cozy-writing champ, Elizabeth Spann Craig, near the line between North and South Carolina announcing that she’s had just about all she needs, y’all, from the industry! the industry! Read More

Writing on the Ether | JaneFriedman.com

By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson   From Novem­ber 23, 2011 Part of my series of columns on pub­lish­ing, Writ­ing on the Ether, appear­ing each Thurs­day at JaneFriedman.com   Reverse Penguin! So crikey. Just when you think you have it all worked out—the difference between mammals and publishers—you look up or down or somewhere and find a… Read More