Confidence Rising (Mostly): Nielsen Looks Over World Markets

By Porter Anderson | @Porter_Anderson The good news is that people think there’s good news. In a webcast this week from in London Book Fair’s #Quantum16 Virtual Conference, Nielsen’s Andre Breedt started his survey of key markets with a check of consumer confidence. He put special emphasis on the #Quantum16 markets: Brazil, China, India, The Philippines,… Read More

What We Leave Behind

From February 5, 2013 An excerpt from my series of Ether for Authors columns on pub­lish­ing at Publishing Perspectives, appear­ing Tuesdays. Table of Contents Tick-TOC: Optimism Ahead What We Leave Behind: ‘There Is No Midlist’ But More Optimism: An International Startup Showcase Tick-TOC: One Week To Go It would be enough to know simply that… Read More