What We Leave Behind

From February 5, 2013 An excerpt from my series of Ether for Authors columns on pub­lish­ing at Publishing Perspectives, appear­ing Tuesdays. Table of Contents Tick-TOC: Optimism Ahead What We Leave Behind: ‘There Is No Midlist’ But More Optimism: An International Startup Showcase Tick-TOC: One Week To Go It would be enough to know simply that… Read More

Ether for Authors: eBook Prices at Rock Bottom

Writing on the Ether is a collection of news and perspectives on publishing. It is written by journalist and critic Porter Anderson for Jane Friedman and it appears at JaneFriedman.com each Thursday. Sponsorship opportunities are available and offer generous promotion. Join us on Tuesdays at Ed Nawotka’s and Frankfurt Book Fair’s Publishing Perspectives for the new Ether for Authors column. Read More