Writers Wrestling On The Conference Circuit

The problem is not that our dinner-table companion disagreed with an agent on a panel at PubSmartCon. The problem is that she seemed to hold it against the conference (let alone against “that agent”) that she had heard a comment not supportive of the self-publishing approach she favors. This writer was offended, thoroughly peeved that her view… Read More

Our Star Authors: Special Victims Unit

Their numbers speak more loudly than their words. So loudly, in fact, that many authors who admire them…don’t read them. The “indie bestsellers”‘ among us become Million Kindle Club members when they hit 1 million sales. Most go on to become double Million Kindle Club members. Then triple. At least one of them headed for BookExpo America’s Author Hub (BEA) in May, Barbara Freethy, has passed the 4 million mark. H.M. Ward is on the other side of 5 million. Read More

Provocations in Publishing: “Engineering Serendipity” at PubSmart

As for serendipity and its engineers, I’ve been looking over my shoulder all week. Surely some wry creature, probably in a Citadel cadet’s dress whites, is there to get off a big wink at me. It’s an odd, if pleasant, thing to find yourself returned to your Deeply Southern hometown by a career that’s moved you as far away as Rome, Copenhagen, Bath, London, Moscow, Sofia, Berlin, Athens. Read More

Charleston’s PubSmart Joins Conference Row

Pub­S­mart may be cre­at­ing some­thing we’ve needed to see much more of: a con­fer­ence in which not only business-conscious authors but also smaller pub­lish­ing com­pa­nies can start doing the log­i­cal net­work­ing they’ve needed: with each other. Read More