Getting Past The ‘Bookstore Barrier': Freethy And Ingram Go Into Print

‘Without Giving Up Digital Rights To One Of The Big Five’ The best-of-the-bestselling Amazon Kindle Million Club independent authors today is announcing a partnership with one of the recognized giants in book distribution: Ingram is providing a full-service sales and publishing team that will also be instrumental in selling, printing and distributing the books worldwide as… Read More

Our Star Authors: Special Victims Unit

Their numbers speak more loudly than their words. So loudly, in fact, that many authors who admire them…don’t read them. The “indie bestsellers”‘ among us become Million Kindle Club members when they hit 1 million sales. Most go on to become double Million Kindle Club members. Then triple. At least one of them headed for BookExpo America’s Author Hub (BEA) in May, Barbara Freethy, has passed the 4 million mark. H.M. Ward is on the other side of 5 million. Read More