'No idea what the hell I was doing': Headline's Ben Willis

Building Bookbridgr to leverage bloggers voices for publishing: “Nothing could have prepared me for how gosh-darn complicated it all is.” And what Ben Willis brought into development at Headline Publishing Group would get even more complicated, just five months after launch: today, his Bookbridgr.com offers book bloggers not only titles from Headline but also from Hachette family Hodder & Stoughton imprints.… Read More

5 Reasons To Pan Those 5-Star Reviews

5 Rights May Not Fix A 1-Star Wrong The absolute deluge of perfect ratings suggests we have a big issue in giving honest literary feedback. Daryl Rothman Author Daryl Rothman wrote a guest post, Are 5-Star Book Reviews Bad For Sales? earlier this summer at the site of author and editor K.M. Weiland. His points bear serious consideration. In… Read More

Book Review

Near the center line of his recently published football opera, Slotback Rhapsody, debut novelist Christopher Harris can make even the most skeptical guy in the stands believe his protagonist’s secret. You’re ready to buy into the idea that this author has memorized a playbook as rich as the one his likeable hero keeps executing. Read More

Writing on the Ether | JaneFriedman.com

Problem is, our loading dock is so freaking full already. Every other tweet screams BUY MY BOOK. How are we going to squeeze in Tiny Tim between Konrath and Manus? Lose the crutch, there’s no room in the inn. He’ll just have to do extra limping. Like this industry. Read More

Book Review

                      By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson From December 5, 2011 A review I wrote for the site Reader Unboxed. The Art of Fielding, by Chad Harbach Deep down, he thought, we all believe we’re God. We secretly believe that the outcome of the game depends… Read More

Book Review

For all Ericson’s Thor-thumping ref­er­ences to Scan­di­na­vian lore and “whale roads,” Orange Whippey’s stark aware­ness of his own faults fans a per­ti­nent line of faith: but for the grace of God, we could all end up, as Whippey does, with­out cof­fee or pants. Read More