‘Publishing Goes Pop,’ Part 1: Can Reading Find True Fandom At BookCon?

‘There Was No Interest At BEA In…Readers’ BookExpo America (BEA) makes its annual appearance next week (27-29 May). It’s one of the world’s big-three publishing trade shows of the year, preceded in April by London Book Fair and followed in October by the largest of all, Frankfurt Book Fair. And while the show officially ends on Friday the 29th, it… Read More

Libiro, PODG, And A Flash Of Green

“The Libiro Platform Is Serving A Niche Market” It’s like the fabled “flash of green” said to be spotted at times just as the setting sun slips below the sea’s horizon: you’re never quite sure you’ve glimpsed the “indie-only audience.” You read mildly feverish references to these quicksilver consumers in blog comments, of course. Allusions… Read More

Publishing's southerly migration at BEA

  “The sound of silence” has never muted the industry! the industry! On Tuesday in this pink space, The Bookseller’s Philip Jones neatly positioned “the continuing negotiations between Amazon and Hachette” as “how much heat can be generated from so little information.”  In fact, Publishers Weekly’s Calvin Reid and I found ourselves talking of a mounting tone of hysteria around the publisher’s and retailer’s… Read More

“A Footprint on the Convention Floor”: BEA’s Author Hub

So Grumpy Cat got more rock-star cheers from the BookCon crowd at BEA than John Green did. Nevertheless, the trade show’s first-ever Author Hub for entrepreneurial authors held its own. And one author managed to sign and give away 500 copies of her book on Saturday. While those of us working on the Hub saw… Read More

The Talk Of BEA: Amazon Blogs The Hachette Hoopla

As I write this at the sprawling glassed Jacob Javits Convention Center on Eleventh Avenue, the Big Five publisher Hachette’s round marquis floats above the BookExpo America (BEA)  floor. That floor is strewn with wooden crates and crawling with forklifts. BEA opens to the throngs Thursday. About half a city block away from Hachette’s installation, the Amazon… Read More

BEA’s New Author Hub: “Don’t Sit Down!” Programming

From a new assessment of author services by the Alliance of Independent Authors to an AuthorEarnings talk by Hugh Howey, a book cover chat with C.J. Lyons’ artist, an explanation of the SELF-e library project and more, BEA’s Author Hub is humming. The Author Hub at BookExpo America (BEA) is the annual event’s first effort to follow its… Read More

BEA on Ice! (That Retailer-Publisher Chill)

For all the hot and humid “how dare they?” rants greeting Amazon’s standoff over sales terms with Hachette, our more sensitive spines may be feeling a chill. Cooler heads are trying to remind the anti-Amazonian forces that Barnes & Noble created a very similar crisis for authors last year without suffering nearly so much criticism.… Read More

New Howey Report: Self-Published eBook Authors May Out-Earn The Rest By 27%

A new quarterly report from AuthorEarnings.com is out. Its data estimates are interpreted to show that, quoting the text, “Self-published authors are clearly earning as much as traditionally published authors on the largest ebook sales platform in the world.” AuthorEarnings.com is the site housing these controversial reports generated by Sand and Wool author Hugh Howey wih the help of an unnamed author-associate (referred… Read More

BEA Cup­cakes: 'Women's Work' About Books?

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