Publishing's southerly migration at BEA


In the "consumer wing" of BookExpo America 2014. Photo: Porter Anderson
In the “consumer wing” of BookExpo America 2014. Photo: Porter Anderson

“The sound of silence” has never muted the industry! the industry!

On Tuesday in this pink space, The Bookseller’s Philip Jones neatly positioned “the continuing negotiations between Amazon and Hachette” as “how much heat can be generated from so little information.” 

In fact, Publishers Weekly’s Calvin Reid and I found ourselves talking of a mounting tone of hysteria around the publisher’s and retailer’s endlessly discussed (but unseen) contractual negotiations.

Publishing people love a crisis. Surely, no industry sector has enjoyed tearing its hair more over the digital dynamic than our good folks. Oh, what a lovely disruption. And, of course, when everyone is out in the street screaming that our “cultural infrastructure” is threatened by Seattle (yes, I actually read one observer writing that), various narratives develop. And some of them are…fiction.

By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson

The FutureBook: Publishing’s southerly migration at BEA

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