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By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson


From October 27, 2011
Part of my series of columns on publishing, Writing on the Ether, appearing each Thursday at JaneFriedman.com

Inspiration Nation

If they’d asked me, I’d have nixed both the spelling “Syfy” and 95 percent of that TV channel’s programming.

But all I need is their slogan for a few minutes.

“Imagine greater.”

I’m over this inspiration jag in the writing community. Inspiration, or the pursuit of it, becomes our little drug so easily. Our Google Readers are RSSonant with the sound of Lena Horne: You have to belieeeeeeve in yourself. You know the posts. “Six Ways to Drag Yourself Across the Carpet to Your Computer One More Time.” And “Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Writing that Book Nobody Wants To Read.”

Motivational specialists want you in a fellowship circle to stare down self-doubt and weak will together. In Protestant church groups, you cross your arms and link hands with your colleagues to pray. But the thing about a fellowship circle is that you can’t write in that position. And the thing about inspiration is that if you have to look for it, then you’re not the writer you want to belieeeeeeve you are, Lena.

If you’re right for writing, you’ll know without bloggers. You’ll simply get busy.

So put me down as expirational on these aspirational inspirationals. Good work is its own inspiration. Imagine greater, all by yourself.

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