Publishing's Future: When Editors Eat Robots

The Quantified Self Of Richard Nash He is a podium prowler. He moves around during a conference presentation. He sets up gazelle-graceful concepts and wounds them quickly, before you get too comfortable. Lots of articulate gestures. Give him two flashlights and he could land a Dreamliner onstage as he talked. And his talks? They tend to work like… Read More

4 Observations On Publishing From Anna Rafferty In Stockholm

“I tell stories digitally and I build audiences for stories in digital. That’s the best way to explain what I do.” Anna Rafferty hasn’t left the field. In the six months since she stepped out of her role as Managing Director for the UK’s Penguin Books Digital into private consulting, she has worked as a committee member… Read More

Running From Talent: And Your Next Chapter

Last month as BookExpo America and its Author Hub were about to convene in New York, I had the good fortune to be in Stockholm to speak at a conference called The Next Chapter. It’s produced by the very able Jonas Lennermo and his team at Publit, a publishing firm at the heart of Sweden’s highly literate, gracious culture. I say… Read More