In 2015, What’s Cooler Than Saying ‘Cool’? Saying Something Specific

This Year, Please Do Not ‘Take It To The Next Level’ They banished absolutely! in 1993. They banished BFF three years ago. Ginormous has been out since 2012. Metrosexual has been gone since 2004. Don’t talk to me about ginormous metrosexuals or I’ll know you didn’t get the memo. Speaking of memos, they’ve even banished words that aren’t words, such… Read More

In The Season Of Giving: Unwrap The Truth For Your Creative Loved Ones

A Token Of Your Esteem: Honesty The greatest gift you can give to a creative friend or relative sometimes is a compassionate, thoughtful, patient negativeresponse. Not negative in terms of how you say it or any intention of being hurtful. Exactly the opposite: negative in the sense of an authentic, truthful reaction in a world… Read More