In 2015, What’s Cooler Than Saying ‘Cool’? Saying Something Specific

Image - iStockphoto: nexusseven
Image – iStockphoto: nexusseven

This Year, Please Do Not ‘Take It To The Next Level’

They banished absolutely! in 1993.

They banished BFF three years ago.

Ginormous has been out since 2012. Metrosexual has been gone since 2004. Don’t talk to me about ginormous metrosexuals or I’ll know you didn’t get the memo. Speaking of memos, they’ve even banished words that aren’t words, such as “momento” in 1992. (The word is memento, not “momento,” you pimento.)

Has anybody asked you for input lately? They’re 38 years out of date.

One panel I moderated at a publishing conference recently included a key panelist who began everything she said with the word so. So no matter what you had asked her, she started the answer that way. So it was annoying, you know? Soit’s been banished since 1999.

Did I just say “you know?” They tossed that out — spelling it yuh know — in both 1978 and 1979. You see how successful they’ve been with that one.

Whatsup? has been gone since 1998. Dude went out three years later. Diva was done in 2001.

We stopped bonding in 2003. We threw out bling and bling-bling in 2004. Bloghas been a goner since 2005.

As we say in the South, shut my mouth. (I checked. As yet, they have not banished shut my mouth. I probably shouldn’t have called it to their attention.)

Who are “they” and why are they banishing all these things we say?

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By Porter Ander­son

Writing on the Ether: In 2015, What’s Cooler Than Saying ‘Cool’? Saying Something Specific

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