'Why Wasn't I Consulted?!' — Beware Online Dragons In St. George's Clothing

Are You Sick Of The Publishing Crusaders Yet? In my recent Writer Unboxed essay about online anger among books people, several readers assumed that I was talking about anonymous people and trolls. I wasn’t. iStockphoto / MR1805 In Our CyberVillage: So Much Anger is about people in the publishing community who seem to be personally, continually… Read More

Self-Publishing’s Parallel Disruptions

It comes as news to no one in the indus­try! the indus­try! that self-publishing is con­tro­ver­sial. We may tend, how­ever, to think of it as con­tro­ver­sial for that indus­try, while not look­ing at what it can mean for writ­ers and writ­ing. It is, in fact, a devel­op­ment full of argu­ment not only for pub­lish­ers but also for literature. Read More