Self-Publishing’s Parallel Disruptions

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Image: iStockphoto – hfng

By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson

Writing on the Ether:  Self-Publishing’s Parallel Disruptions

[su_dropcap]T[/su_dropcap]he 10,000 hours required to master the complex art form of fiction is a lot to ask. Most [writers] seek validation along the way, hence the trap (for many) of self-publishing.

This is one of two parallel disruptions generated by self-publishing. And this week, they’ve come into a little clearer view of each other.

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It comes as news to no one in the industry! the industry! that self-publishing is controversial. We may tend, however, to think of it as controversial for that industry, while not looking at what it can mean for writers and writing. It is, in fact, a development full of argument not only for publishers but also for literature.

I sometimes wonder whether self-published authors actually read other self-published authors. There are stacks of such stuff at my agency and just an hour with them would show anyone why those novels didn’t make it with New York publishers.

This is agent Donald Maass writing about “such stuff” in one of his terrific comments at Writer Unboxed. Maass is a fellow monthly contributor with me there, and a frequent, effective responder to many of the posts.

Dave King

He was exceptionally articulate in his comment, for example, on my own post from the end of the last week, Leveling Up: In Praise of Writer Dads.

And he’s no less eloquent in the comment he’s made on editor and contributor Dave King’s post,Creating a Masterpiece.

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