Running Smack Into The Garden Wall: That 'Perfect e-Bookstore' Project

What If The People Inside The Walled Garden Don’t Want Out? The problem with The Amazon Problem…is that to the customer, there are no problems. For once, Laura Dawson isn’t talking metadata. Bowker’s identifiers infanta is, instead, turning the precision of her observational gifts on a fundamental issue for the publishing industry in the shadow… Read More

A perfect e-bookstore? "Maybe each one of us"

“To build our own vision of ebook nirvana”… It’s not that Chris Kubica and his “perfect e-bookstore” associates didn’t know the task was difficult. “There are key things that ‘walled garden’ for-profit ebook sellers will never willingly give us,” he told me during our #PorterMeets interview. …But then: A strange thing happened: we pulled back. We second-guessed. We found… Read More