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Image - iStockphoto: Patrick Poendl
Image – iStockphoto: Patrick Poendl

Know When The Tweets Take Off

Publishing’s conference and trade-show events stack up like the cities of Troy, one atop the other, right? It’s always springtime for publishing somewhere, and who can keep up? Now, you can: Let my boarding passes be your guide.

Sign up at my site for my free newsletter, Porter Alerts!  By having these notices arrive in your inbox, and checking out my Conferences & Events page, you’ll know just when to follow along — or when to avoid my stream, you cad — as I pump out live coverage from selected conferences, trade shows, workshops, seminars, webinars, and more.

  • No more getting up five hours early or late on the wrong day to follow that conference on the other continent.
  • No more #trialanderror with the hashtags.
  • No more wondering what on Earth I’m going on about at 14 tweets per minute.

Take it from Anne. Then take it from me: Your Porter Alerts! email. You’ll know where I’m headed next.  Which is more than I can say, most days of the week. And if you’re at a conference, find me at my Twitter Command Center, say hi, buy me a Campari, grazie.

Ciao, and don’t forget to sign up.

(If traveling to a conference, yourself, I recommend using TEP Wireless for in-country connections. Because those tweets must get off the ground.)

Wherever you are, join me for The Bookseller’s #FutureChat with The FutureBook‘s digital publishing community, each Friday at 3 p.m. GMT — 4 p.m. London (BST), 5 p.m. Rome (CEST), 11 a.m. New York (ET), 10 a.m. Chicago (CT), 9 a.m. Denver (MT), 8 a.m. Los Angeles (PT), 5 a.m. Honolulu (HAST).


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