And If Authors Were All In The Same Boat?

Image - iStockphoto: joakimbkk
Image – iStockphoto: joakimbkk

Romancing the concept of working together

What professional career authors need to do, more now than ever, is work together, learn together, brainstorm together. Don’t let what you write (or what they write) keep you from interacting with other writers. Because if you’re writing thrillers or science fiction or courtroom dramas or romances, we’re pretty much professionally all in the same boat these days, paddling as fast as we can. We need, as career authors, as an industry – agents and editors and publishers — to start paddling in the same direction if we’re serious about making it back to open water.

That observation comes from longtime romance novelist Kasey Michaels, who is a past president and conference wrangler for Novelists, Inc., an organisation of “multi-published novelists,” writers who have more than one book in the marketplace.

Michaels made the comment as part of a response to an article on how romance is viewed by some, and, in a way, she was ahead — as she never fails to remind me that all of romance is — of the current debate around the Authors Guild’s opening to self-publishing membership.

And when we asked the FutureBook community on Friday to consider “Authors United” — or not — and the Guild’s move and its implications, an interesting thing happened. The chat kept going, right through the weekend.

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The FutureBook: And if all authors were in the same boat?

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