FutureBook Hack's invocation: The Rev. Matthew Cashmore

Nigel's shot from the doorway at Roberts Bldg 2
The FutureBook Hack sign at the door of the Roberts Building, University College London. Photo: Nigel Roby

 Blackwell’s digital director Matthew Cashmore is going to make some Anglican parish a very fine priest.

“I get criticised,” he told the #FutureBookHack’s gathered assembly Saturday morning, “every time I introduce a hack day and tell people, ‘You can change the world with what you do this weekend.”

Seated at tables and on beanbags, standing at the coffee station, hovering near the registration table, his congregation of coders, programmers, engineers, developers, illustrators, publishers’ executives, journalists, and others, grew quiet as his opening brief to the hackathon developed the cadence of a good sermon.

“I’m not being over the top,” Cashmore said. “We’re not talking about electronic locks on doors or cars. We’re talking about stuff that changes the world.

“And you get to mess around with it. You get to sit at the crux of a shift in the way people consume content, and more importantly ideas – and mess around with it.

“You get to mess with the way that people interact with those ideas.

“You get to mess with the way that people communicate their ideas.

By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson

The FutureBook: FutureBook Hack’s invocation: The Rev. Matthew Cashmore

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