"Agent-Assisted Publishing": An Interrupted Debate

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By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson
SPECIAL COVERAGE: “Agent-Assisted Publishing”: An Interrupted Debate 

Setting Sails for a Sequence of Focused Coverage:

Like an ocean voyage long stalled by calm seas, the question of “agent-assisted publishing” for authors was all but dropped a couple of years ago, at least in many polite industry conversations. A hot potato of a subject, it had shallowed out in awkward, unsettling questions. It was left as a topic listing queasily toward perceived potentials for conflict of interest.

April Eberhardt
April Eberhardt

We open a special series of coverage on the issues at Publishing Perspectives, home of Ether for Authors.

Included in today’s articles, a discussion piece for your participation: What is a “Literary Change Agent”? And What’s Ethical?


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