On The Ethical Author Code And Amateurism

The Ethical Author Code The Ethical Author Code is being promoted by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) based in the UK. There’s more about its launch at The FutureBook conference in London here. While no one at ALLi is pointing fingers in this effort, many observers feel that it’s a pivotal one in terms of… Read More

A breakthrough for 'Ethical Authors'?

Big Idea, Uncertain Reception The FutureBook Conference plenary was in an upbeat late-afternoon mood. Abbie Headon, managing and commissioning editor at Summersdale, had stepped forward during the Big Ideas session to recommend we all remember the value of “people power.” Her earnest and soft-spoken appeal — the phrase “warm and fuzzy” comes to mind —… Read More

The FutureBook's Big Idea for the 'Ethical Author'

Presenting ‘The Ethical Author Code’ — for writers of all stripes. Among Big Idea proposals in The FutureBook’s (#FutureBook14) final session of the day on Friday in London, Orna Ross’ presentation of the “Ethical Author” programme is the one that may trigger the most controversy among writers. Offered as “an author programme facilitated by the Alliance… Read More

At Frankfurt Book Fair: Between creativity and commerce

Books are a business. Books are an art. And we’re all caught in the middle. Developing a creative relationship with money will make you more aware of that underlying pattern and will also surface your values, what’s most important to you in life. Surely, you’d say, this is the writing of one of our many… Read More

Independent Author Previews and a 'tide turning'

The Bookseller’s announcement that it will begin next month previewing self-published work from the Nook Press platform prompted our #FutureChat focus on efforts to “open up to indies,” as the Alliance of Independent Authors’ campaign (ALLi) has it. While most of the reception of the news has seemed positive, the new programme’s outlines are still coming… Read More

Can we float more indie boats?

With news of The Bookseller’s Independent Author Previews — an arrangement with the Barnes & Noble self-publishing platform Nook Press — self-publishing authors gain a store window on a long, virtual high street that’s swarming with competition. For those books and authors chosen to be featured, Independent Author Previews has the potential to be a game-changer. The new programme will see an average… Read More

FutureBook: Orna Ross, the Pudding Would Like a Word

By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson The FutureBook: Orna Ross, the Pudding Would Like a Word At The FutureBook: What’s important is for all of us to remember that our words, our expressions of opinion, can be hurtful, wrong, unfair, damaging. It’s incumbent upon us to be careful. A tip from the long-lost arts of journalism:… Read More