The Marketing Muscle Behind The National Book Award Finalist ‘Station Eleven’

‘Six Weeks And 21 Cities’ I was signing in at a Global Entry / Trusted Travelers kiosk on the passport control floor at JFK the other day, just in from London. I put my passport in, let the machine check my fingerprints, looked at its camera so it could snap its shot. All routine. And then… Read More

Innovation’s Momentum: A Digital-Only Publisher In Oz

“I Got Acquired” Over the weekend, an Australian author, Steve P. Vincent, was a guest blogger at Writer Unboxed, one of the  best-read daily blog sites around. In his piece, Advice To My Newbie Self , Vincent made some perfectly cogent points familiar to many writers. Among them: After submitting your manuscript, it will take longer than you’d… Read More

What's Important in the Man Booker Prize Debate?

In a news conference today in London, officials of the esteemed Man Booker Prize have announced that the program, as rumored, will begin accepting entries from beyond its traditional range of the UK, the Republic of Ireland, and the Commonwealth. American authors and others working in English will be eligible for entry by their publishers. Read More