3 Voices In The Age Of Amazon: Tech It To The Next Level

Is there a way to hack through the jungle of snarls and get a higher view on publishing’s struggle with and around Amazon? “Those who think the ground beneath the book business is not moving violently, look away now,” writes The Bookseller’sPhilip Jones in his editorial lead for Friday. And yeah, at ground level? Maintain a good… Read More

The Hachette-Perseus-Ingram pas de trois: “Too early to say”

No sooner had The Bookseller’s Philip Jones written “It is no longer enough to have a conversation just about Amazon” on Tuesday, than the afternoon news from the US proved his point about the industry’s changing context. Late in the day in New York, Michael Cader at Publishers Lunch posted his extensively prepared article: Perseus Imprints to be Sold to Hachette Book… Read More

Book Prices: Have Authors Lowballed Themselves?

What if, in order to try to capture market share from traditional publishers, independent authors’ bargain-basement pricing has seriously damaged the public’s idea of what books are worth? Are book prices too low for what authors’ efforts and talents and skills actually are worth? Is it really possible that a full-length book is ever really worth only $2.99 or less? What signal does that send to readers about what writers think of their own work? Read More