Music For Writers: Kronos On The Tundra With Tagaq

‘Deep And Tactile’ As if you’re hearing the Earth itself breathe, the Kronos Quartet’s new release, Tundra Songs from the Canadian Music Centre can give you the most warming chills you’ll feel today. As Album of the Week at New York Public Radio’s 24-hour contemporary-classical stream, Q2 Music, is giving listeners a chance to hear a coming together… Read More

Music For Writers: A Quartet Named ETHEL And A Guitarist Named Kaki

Did You Say ETHEL? There’s only one question you can start with, when you interview the violist of a string quartet called ETHEL (yes, all caps). Ralph Farris:  The name “ETHEL” comes from the film, Shakespeare in Love. The Bard was struggling to complete a play called, Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate’s Daughter. Hilarity ensued. Thank… Read More