Music For Writers: Donnacha Dennehy’s New Chapbook

A Sonic Anthology: The Abstract Gone Narrative There’s a kind of single-composer album that’s a lot like a writer’s collection of short stories or poems. So much of this ilk is the composer Donnacha Dennehy’s new album for RTEthat it arrives without an over-arching title of its own. It’s simply Donnacha Dennehy: Crane/O/The Vandal/Hive. Those… Read More

Corporate Blues: On Eoin Purcell’s Amazon Appointment

Bit Of A Bombshell My colleagues at The Bookseller broke the news in a report from our Benedicte Page: Eoin Purcell has been appointed head of the London division of Amazon Publishing. I’m both heartened and saddened by this news. Before the knees jerk, let me be perfectly clear: I am thrilled for Purcell: he is more than deserving… Read More