Enhanced ebooks and steel filing cabinets

  Funny how #FutureChat can change your mind. Camille LaGuire, whose beret-ed avatar is familiar to many of us in our weekly discussion from The Bookseller and FutureChat, started Friday’s chat by announcing: Not sure I have much to contribute about the Future of Enhanced books discussion on #FutureChat today. By later in the day,… Read More

Wischenbart, Jones, And McCabe: Sightings Of A ‘Second Disruptive Wave’

‘My Personal List Of Ebook Headaches’ Sorry to interrupt that fun-in-the-sun thing you’re doing, but some chilly winds are blowing in on a topic you may have thought you left safely tucked away and handled: ebooks and the digital disruption of publishing. Publishers, if they want to survive…better learn the tricks of ebooks quickly. Not… Read More

Enhanced ebooks: 'Is That All There Is?'

“Perhaps we are already discovering that this new world is a touch more fertile” for enhanced ebooks than we thought. Or is this wishful thinking on my colleague Philip Jones’ part? His musings on this issue are timely, particularly as they came to us in his Tuesday FutureBook column, The smart book for a new… Read More