Are publishers getting the #authorsay message?

The real irony here, it turns out, is that it wasn’t the publishers calling the questions: 75 percent of responding authors said they have never been asked for feedback from their publisher 7 percent said that publishers pay writers well 32 percent said that the prestige of having a deal with a traditional publisher was important to them… Read More

#FutureChat Recap: #AuthorSay — but which #authors do?

Is self-publishing a matter of choice? Or of necessity? Or of do-it-yourself pride? In interviewing the Indian author of the Shiva Trilogy, Amish Tripathi, on Wednesday for the London Book Fair’s Publishing for Digital Minds Conference virtual stream, an interesting line came over the ether from Mumbai. I’d asked Tripathi about the tactic he and his agent… Read More

Who's afraid of self-publishing? #authorsay

‘Either neutral or horrified at the thought of taking control’ My favourite line in my good colleague Philip Jones’ early look at traditionally publishing authors’ responses to the ongoing survey was just that: When asked about the possibility of self-publishing, only a minority of authors were excited at the prospect, with the majority (75%), either… Read More

‘Do You Love Your Publisher?’ #AuthorSay Is Hanging On Every Word

‘To Encourage More Professional Authors To Speak Out’ Originating with our report at The Bookseller’s The FutureBook in London, the news of a new online survey today (March 2) could mean a better understanding of authors’ experiences in what is sometimes called “legacy” publishing. A US-UK effort is gathering fresh perspectives on the “quiet side” of… Read More