Romancing Rejection: ‘Don’t Cut Off An Ear’

O, ‘To Be Poor, Misunderstood, Overlooked’ In this blog-heaving era, you sometimes can find comments as compelling and as nuanced as the writings they follow. An instance of this occurs this week at Writer Unboxed where Simon & Schuster author Jael McHenry is followed in her post by the literary agent Donald Maass. Taken together, her original post… Read More

The One Most-Kissed: You, The Reader

This Article Is Not About What You Think It’s About You. The readers. Without you there wouldn’t be a book industry. I can understand what motivates authors to write such lines. Everybody can understand this. Gratitude. And that’s one fine emotion. We could use more of it in the world. It’s great stuff. It’s completely logical –… Read More