#PorterMeets The Bookseller's Alice Ryan

When everyone sits down to the midnight feast this weekend at FutureBook Hack in the University College London’s Roberts Building, they can toast, among others, one Alice Ryan. The conference and community manager for The Bookseller is certainly managing some major community now, a collective of more than 100 developers, designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, coders, programmers,… Read More

The FutureBook Hackathon: London’s Publishers Brave The Weird

Right on schedule, a round of disparaging tweets was launched today by the foppish members of the community, as the news was announced about the London hackathon. I’ll give it to you as a short scene among bewigged swells in Congreve. The quotes are actual, from Twitter. Mister Pan-It-All: How many of these hacks lead to products or sustainable… Read More