Music For Writers: Martin Bresnick And The Terrible Beauty Of Sorrow

‘We Will Always Sing Such Songs Of Longing’ Each time I visited, my grandmother wept bitterly about the murder of her parents, her brother, her two sisters, and all their children. Can a child comfort a grandmother, a grandfather? I became a witness, a musician, and a composer. Martin Bresnick is a native New Yorker.… Read More

Music for Writers: Anna Clyne's Collaborations

“A Shower Of Celestial Delight” London-born composer Anna Clyne talks warmly of her collaboration with visual artist Josh Dorman. After all, “my passion is collaborating,” Clyne has said in the past, “with innovative and risk-taking musicians, filmmakers, visual artists…choreographers.” She talks “fluid artistic dialogue,” “creative environment,” “interaction” when she remarks on her love of working with… Read More