'Promise, Energy, Surprise': Download A Free White Paper on 'The Markets' 2016

The pivotal international publishing regions to be featured at Frankfurt Book Fair on October 18 in The Markets: Global Publishing Summit. Learn about them in this free download.

At The Markets conference, Frankfurt Book Fair, 2015. Image: Frankfurter Buchmesse, Bernd Hartung
At The Markets conference, Frankfurt Book Fair, 2015. Image: Frankfurter Buchmesse, Bernd Hartung

By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson

‘New Sales Channels’

We work better together, reads Publishing Perspectives‘ new white paper on The Markets: Global Publishing Summit 2016.

And The Markets, a daylong conference on the eve of Frankfurt Book Fair, will present an array of speakers and networking opportunities with industry players in the comfort of the Business Club in Hall 4. With the help of specially selected analysts and “visionaries” focused on the future, the conference outlines the challenges and potentials of each of the seven markets in focus this year—Brazil; Flanders and The Netherlands; The Philippines; Poland; Spain; the United Arab Emirates; and the United Kingdom.

In her introduction to the white paper—Publishing Perspectives Publisher Hannah Johnson writes:

“Even as our businesses are subject to economic and political forces beyond our control, book publishers are looking to each other and beyond their own borders for creative solutions and business ideas—whether that’s a Brazilian publisher looking for new sales channels after the sudden decline of government book purchases or a British publisher wondering what a post-Brexit marketplace will look like.”

One of the considerations that frequently stands behind the most logical foreground issues is the evolution of the reader. Just as the industry and the market has changed and keeps changing, Johnson writes, “Increasingly, we see readers demanding content on their own terms—wherever they are, immediately available, and in the format of their choosing. No single person, company or country has all the answers to achieving success in a changing media marketplace.”

And before going country-by-country through these seven pivotal regions of commerce and culture, she writes:

Image: Frankfurter Buchmesse, Bernd Hartung
Image: Frankfurt Book Fair, Bernd Hartung

“When it comes to meeting the needs of evolving markets, growing educational systems and new reader demands, international collaboration can yield great results—both for companies looking to offer their services and for up-and-coming markets wanting to fill gaps in their developing supply chains.

“We see this in the United Arab Emirates, where federally funded programs aim to foster to the local publishing businesses and attract overseas partners. Or in the Philippines, where public and private initiatives are underway to improve the country’s infrastructure and public access to reading material.”

From Brazil’s “Path Amid Economic Recession” to the UK’s “Positive Numbers and Political Question Marks,” Johnson and Publishing Perspectives Development Director’s Erin L. Cox, work their way through power plays and enticing opportunities, sidetracked expectations and growing influence.

“The answers to some questions,” Johnson writes, “might come from unexpected places, and inspiration can come from anywhere. In this white paper, we present you with seven markets full of promise, energy and surprises.”

There’s more: Read the full story at Publishing Perspectives

By Porter Ander­son

Originally published at www.PublishingPerspectives.com

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