Oddest Book Title Of The Year: A Mercifully Short List

Image - iStockphoto: bestdesigns
Image – iStockphoto: bestdesigns

2014: ‘A Bumper Year For The Peculiar’

Publishing has a tendency to do things in waves. For example, certain conference organizers who shall remain nameless seem to take a reckless delight in scheduling their events much too close to other conferences and trade shows. This ensures that special bleary-vacant stare you see in the eyes of conferees, many of whom by late May will look like they’re going to hell in a tote bag.

And the industry! the industry! has a similar approach to awards. Second only to going to conferences, publishing people love to give each other awards. And they do a whole lot of it around this time of year.

That might account for the awards fever that seems to have swept through the newsroom of The Bookseller. There, my good colleagues at this time of year issue an announcement — heavily embargoed, as important press statements everywhere always are.

The heading on this news release:

The Bookseller Is Delighted To Announce The Shortlist For The Diagram Prize For Oddest Book Title Of The Year 2014.

And you can be involved. The shortlist announced at 12:01 a.m. London time Friday, February 27 (that’s 7 p.m. Thursday evening New York time) now is up for a public vote, at The Bookseller’s sister consumer site, WeLoveThisBook.com.

Tom Tivnan
Tom Tivnan

Voting closes after three weeks, at 11:59 p.m. GMT (6:59 Eastern) on Friday March 20.

The winner is to be announced a week later on March 27.

And what a list you have before you. These are the selections provided to us by the prize coordinator, Tom Tivnan, who in more serious moments is The Bookseller’s features and insight editor. I believe that “insight” refers to the short comments you see below with each of the nominated entries.

The award is tongue-in-cheek, but these books — you may be appalled to know — are real. I found everyone of them in Amazonia.

The embarrassment knows no boundaries, either. Tivnan confirms to me that this is an international award: the Diagram Prize committee apparently will seize on the weirdest content, wherever it may be found.

Here are the seven shortlisted contenders. It may be wise to sit or stand well back from your computer screen.

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By Porter Ander­son

Writing on the Ether: Oddest Book Title Of The Year: A Mercifully Short List

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