Publishing innovation: #FutureChat recap

two-cylinder enginePushback and pull forward…If there had been any doubt about the scepticism encountered around digital cookbooks, you could find some verification in The community’s #FutureChat on publishing innovation.

Alta Editions’ Chris McBride, in our walkup to the #FutureChat, had spoken of how the cookbook sector has seemed to lag some other parts of the books industry in digital development.

And as the deadline arrived for entries in The FutureBook Innovation Awards 2o14 (#FBIA2014), it might have been possible to hear a vote or two for — gosh! — paper in cookbooks.

Starting with London-based author and editor Roz Morris, who arrived with a flour-and-eggs edition of marginalia in mind:

Digital has much potential, but I don’t want digital cookbooks. I like the pages to look well explored, splattered, annotated.

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By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson

The FutureBook: #FutureChat recap: Publishing innovation

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