Applauding gaps in 'retail stonewalling'

Image - iStockphoto: GeorgeBlomfeld
Image – iStockphoto: GeorgeBlomfeld

What might have been an hour or so of complaint and commiseration became — in the tweeting hands of The FutureBook community — something more hopeful and more nuanced than some would have predicted.

Our topic, ‘Retail stonewalling’ and Amazon sightings in bookstores, took its phrase from Amazon Publishing author Tim Ferriss. And its starting point was The Bookseller reports of Sarah Shaffi on the stocking by some independent and chain bookstores in the UK of local authors’ Amazon Publishing books.

In general, of course, this has been unusual. As with the chain Barnes & Noble in the states, which announced its decision to decline to carry Amazon Publishing books, it has been not been uncommon for independent stores to follow suit. Robust statements of displeasure with the retailer have been heard at times, as well, and not always related to Amazon Publishing, as when a petition delivered in April 2013 to No. 10 Downing Street was part of a bookseller-led call for Amazon to pay more UK corporation tax.

During our #FutureChat, it was noted that Amazon retail and Amazon Publishing are distinct entities. The Amazon Publishing family of imprints, expected to bring more than 500 titles to the UK market this year, operates as a traditional publisher.

Nevertheless, it has been a happy surprise for some authors to discover their titles from Amazon Publishing in local stores.

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By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson

The FutureBook: #FutureChat recap: Applauding gaps in ‘retail stonewalling’

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