Digital publishing and children: #FutureChat recap

Image - iStockphoto: Julio_Fornasar
Image – iStockphoto: Julio_Fornasar

Are apps simply not apt for youngsters?

With The Bookseller Children’s Conference ahead — #kidsconf14, as it’s hashtagged, is on 25th September at Southbank Centre in #London — we were glad to have a chance in Friday’s #FutureChat to look at some of the questions around digital publishing and the children’s market.

The Bookseller’s children’s editor Charlotte Eyre set up up our conversation here at The FutureBook, with a round-robin of input from specialists in the business, several of whom will be speaking at the conference.

Some of these folks also dropped in during #FutureChat, which tended toward the perplexing question of apps in children’s publishing.

By coincidence, a demonstration just today of high interest in the issue: GigaOM news director Laura Hazard Owen has a piece, How to read to your kid in a digital age. mIt’s a book review of our good GalleyCat colleague Jason Boog’s new book, Born Reading (out from Simon & Schuster/Touchstone in both the US and UK markets).

And it’s a subject touched on today by Beth Bacon at the Digital Book World site’s outside bloggers’ section. Bacon’s post is on reading and writing skills approached through two apps from Kumon Publishing.

Our #FutureChat prompts were picked up Friday most readily by David Neal, who wanted to counter some of the negative thinking around apps today.

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By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson

The FutureBook: #FutureChat Recap: Digital publishing and children

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