The Muse’s Town Hall: Writing Literary for Digital

Image - iStockphoto: visi.stock
Image – iStockphoto: visi.stock

Steve Almond: “My overall sense is that authors have to do a self-inventory of why they write and what they want out of the arrangement — and then should decide how to deal with the brave new world of the digital infinite.”

Christine Munroe: “I feel it’s just a question of timing, and a great domino effect has happened and continues to happen in terms of digital sales, and self-publishing specifically – romance succeeded first, then thrillers, and so on, and literary is catching on now.”

April Eberhardt: “When we couldn’t land a traditional U.S. deal fast enough to bring the book out simultaneously in the U.S., the author and I discussed her choices, and she chose to go with a partner press for timing, but also for reasons of control and profitability. The upshot: the exact same book will be published concurrently in both markets, one traditionally and one independently.”

Kathy Meis: “It is not the digital book container that is making it more difficult to find literary fiction, it’s the closure of book stores. Literary fiction relies on the hand-sell more than any other genre. The eBook doesn’t threaten literary fiction; online shopping does.”

Publishing Perspectives will live-stream Friday’s 1;30 p.m. ET Town Hall Debate from Grub Street’s The Muse and the Marketplace: What Every Literary Writer Needs To Know About the Digital Disruption.

By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson

The Muse’s Town Hall: Writing Literary for Digital 

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