#PorterMeets Kobo's Michael Tamblyn for London's The Bookseller

6 December 2013 Bookseller Michael Tamblyn interview TORN effect

By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson


[su_dropcap size=”4″]O[/su_dropcap]ur #PorterMeets live Twitter interview subject, Kobo’s Michael Tamblyn, had The FutureBook Conference audience in London in the palm of his hand as he recounted what the company went through during the “EroticaGate” precipitated by retailer WH Smith.

On October 12th, Kobo had a significant catalogue of self-published titles in the UK. Tens of thousands of authors and hundreds of thousands of titles, a thriving part of our UK business. Living the dream, as they say.

On October 14th, we had zero self-published titles available in the UK from zero authors and our 300-year-old retail partner had suspended their web presence.

And when we asked how the reception for his exceptionally candid account of the crisis has gone, Tamblyn called it “shockingly, surprisingly enthusiastic and positive.”

Almost as if corporate honesty might pay.

To see his whole interview, get over to The Bookseller’s current edition and archives page (subscription).


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